Glamulet’s Mother’s Day 2016 collection Review

Glamulet’s Mothers Day 2016 collection is out and I am super excited about it! When it suddenly struck me yesterday that Mother’s Day is just around the corner, I frantically started searching for an apt gift for her. That is when I reached Glamulet’s Mother’s Day new collection page…and whoa! Wasn’t I startled!

's day Glamulet

Mom charmsEvery piece of charm, necklace and earrings in the collection overflows with love and warmth that is synonymous with a mother. ‘Mom’, ‘love’, hearts’ and ‘family’ are few of the motifs that dominate this fascinating new collection.

The very first piece of the collection, Mom’s love sterling silver charm, is a charmer indeed, and at just $27.95 it definitely feels like a steal!

This stellar has a diamond-studded heart casing with ‘Mom’ spelled in it with a gold hue. Must have for this Mother’s Day or even otherwise…cuz mum’s are precious each day!


mom loveAnother stunner from the collection that is worth a mention is the ‘love knitting rose gold charm’! Crafted in 100% sterling silver, this rose gold beauty is a charm that fits almost all bracelets.

Engraved at the back of the heart-shaped charm is a sweet message….’Always in my heart!” Priced at $29.95 ($70.00), it makes for an ideal Mother’s Day gift for cash-strapped kids like me!

Just one look at the entire collection and you know what makes me so excited about this new collection. Beautifully crafted designer pieces are on offer at such much mind-boggling prices that I want to buy them all!

Shopping For Engagement And Wedding Rings.

ring4Most couples today love to do engagement ring shopping together, but in case you’re looking to add a surprising element by shopping for engagement rings alone, make sure you do some research on what your future fiancée is likely to love. One way is to directly ask her sibling or best friend for help. Other is to take mental notes by observing her choice of jewelry. What is she seen sporting more often, gold, platinum, vintage or classic pieces? This would definitely give you a cue and make you decide on the best for her that she would surely be related to receive. While diamond is a steady, there are varied types of metals available to choose from to set your stone in. One of the most popular choices in this category is platinum, which is expensive, pure and hypoallergenic. Gold in a variety of colours like rose, white, yellow and even green, is also amongst the top metal choices for engagement rings. Palladium can also be considered for its grey hue, along with platinum and gold mix metal band. Click here Brcharms1Traditionally, it is believed that your diamond engagement ring must be worth your two month salary. However, in modern times this myth does not hold much ground. One would love to have the most beautiful ring imaginable in their set budget. For the budget conscious buyers, it would be wiser to go for diamond ring with a larger surface area that gives the impression of being ‘big’ without being big in budget. A one-carat diamond when set not so deep and more towards the surface can look much larger than any other ring in its budget. Lastly, always shop safe when buying something as expensive as diamonds. Trust renowned jewelry chains or e-trailers that are reliable and have great credibility in the industry.

Simple yet Effective Jewelry Storage and Display Ideas

B14046ZA0Storing your jewelry well is as important a task as buying it. After possessing a jewelry piece you are in love with, if you are not able to store it properly, you might end up shortening its life. It is not necessary that you have to buy expensive chests or jewelry boxes to store or sort your precious jewelry items.

There are so many household items that can be extremely useful in organizing and displaying jewelry whether at home or merchandising stores. With some helpful tips, you can easily convert your household items into innovative display items to avoid any confusion and to display your jewelry items in an appealing manner.

This shall help you in not just keeping your wardrobe clutter free but also prevent any damage to your western fasion jewelry.


Bangles need special care during storage as they are prone to get broken easily. A paper towel holder can make for a great bangle holder that keeps your bangles safe and allows easy access to them whenever you need them. Who could have ever thought that a corkboard could be your jewelry display board? Display your earrings and neck pieces in an orderly manner without having them broken or tangled. The board can be covered with a linen fabric for a cleaner look. Thumbtacks can also be used.


A steel chain which is no longer in use can prove to be quite an effective way to store and display your earrings! Bolt the chain from both the ends and hang your earrings in pair so that you’re not left searching for them when you’re in a hurry. Interesting, isn’t it?!

No Child’s Play This!

Gone are the days when jewelry was only for the women and men. In today’s scenario, children are an intrinsic part of the jewelry industry. Though a small part of the industry yet, children have soon become quite an important part of it. Jewelry for children is mostly bought to mark important milestones like birth, christening and birthday. Irrespective of the size of the market, almost every jewelry manufacturer and retailer today has great jewelry options for the discerning kids including items like gold and silver brooches, pendants, earrings and bracelets.




This is one market which refuses to tire and is expected to keep spiralling northwards even in the time to come. Even though the stock might differ from one retailer to another, there is hardly any jewelry designer or store that neglects trinkets for tots. Jewelry is not just bought to mark special occasions in a child’s life, it also makes for great gifts. Gifts for christening like a bangle with the child’s name or date of birth, is forever in demand. Jewelers just need to keep re-thing and re-inventing according to the times to cash on in this children jewelry market. For example, when gold prices were at an all-time high, jewelry manufacturer replaced gold with either sterling silver or gold plating. People do not prefer very expensive jewelry items for kids as there are higher chances of them getting lost or damaged.


B14043AA0B14045ZA0B14061FB0The best candidates to target for children’s jewelry are the ‘tweens’. For those who are hearing the term for the first time, tweens are pre-teens girls in the age bracket of 8-15 years. Amid this category, charm bracelets with silver and enamel beads are quite a rage. It is that age when kids are in the process of building their own personality and are excited to express themselves through varied means. Charm bracelets give them an ideal opportunity to reveal their new-found identity to the world without being vocal.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Special Someone

B14046ZA0When you find love being expressed with lovey-dovey gestures, an overdose of mushiness and a tinge of red in everything around you, you know its Valentine’s Day! You must have already started scouting the market and the World Wide Web for that perfect gift for your partner. However, if too much of mushiness is not your cup of tea, it could be a little difficult for you to get any good Valentine’s Day gift suggestions and options. Here’s why we have got for you some superb fashion jewelry gift ideas that express your love no doubt, but not in the over-the-top way.

Pendants, rings and earrings with heart motifs are the most easy to find in fashion jewelry, especially when Valentine’s Day is around the corner. They were and always will be the first choice of soulmates who wish to express their love for each other on this special day. However, this trend is only for the traditional lovers. The younger lot today is ready to experiment and innovate, and this goes for fashion jewelry as well. Fashion coordinates that are custom-made to point towards the place of your first meeting or a heartbeat cuff for a subtle display of your love are quite in this season.

Valentine photo charms

What is every girl’s first love? Diamonds, of course! No matter how many of them you gift to a girl, they will always make a perfect gift for that special occasion. To impress her beyond limits, a cocktail diamond ring with a contemporary touch is something that would never fail. A tennis bracelet with a string of shiny diamonds is a classic gift that never goes out of fashion. Whoever said ‘Diamonds are forever’ was so true! This gift will surely be remembered for a lifetime as a portrayal of your love.

Pearls are another romantic gift that is sure to increase her love for you by manifolds. Be it a dual-string necklace or the classic pearl-drop earring, in every form and variety, they are sure to prove to be an ideal Valentine’s gift.